Ultimate Security Services completes all aspects of training as we are a professional and registered training entity. All of our current employees are fully licensed with the ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services as well as completed the mandatory standardized training and testing. We use our company initiatives and guidelines to implement our company’s three grade level training program and model. The following below is our company’s training model.

  • Public Relation Skills (Communication and Conduct)
  • Use of Handheld Radio (Including 10-100 Codes)
  • Access Control (Monitoring & Investigation)
  • Basic Fire Panels (Understanding Basic Functionality)
  • Trespass to Property Act (Authority as a Security Guard)
  • Authority of Arrest (Procedures, Cautions and Protocols)
  • Court Appearance (Conduct, Appearance and Preparation)
  • Canadian Law (Federal, Provincial, and Municipal)
  • Media Communication (Recognizing and Protecting Confidential Information)
  • Private Investigations & Security Guard Act (Rules & Regulations)
  • Report Writing (Legal Report Writing Procedures)
  • Memo Pad Taking (Reasons & Procedural Expectations)
  • Post Orders (Comprehension)
  • Patrolling (Primary Patrol Principles & Procedures)
  • Evidence Taking (Procedures & Protocols)
  • Alarm Systems (Procedures, Response and Documents)
  • Arrest Procedures (Re-Visit)
  • Re-Visit of the Trespass to Property Act (Quiz)
  • Powers of Arrest & Use of Force (Guidelines from the Criminal Code)
  • Passive and Active Arrest (Determining Factors & Safety Factors)
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Bomb Threats (Procedures & Protocol)
  • Crime Scene Management (Organization & Protocol)
  • Handcuff Training (Certificate Given)
  • Pressure Points & Tactical Takedown Training (Certificate Given)
  • Straight Stick Baton Training (Certificate Given)
  • Active Arrest Procedures (Tactical Defense & Protocol)