3 Reasons you need an Experienced Security Consultant

Security Consultant

As it stands, your organization may not have the time, in-house expertise, and other resources required to prevent, detect, and respond to various security threats. But if you are not creating a solid ‘defence-in-depth’ security strategy, there’s a chance you’re facing significant security gaps. For this reason, you need an experienced security consultant who can […]

Threat-Risk Assessment – 2021

Threat-Risk Assessment

A detailed threat-risk assessment is necessary for creating and implementing a highly effective physical security program. With sophisticated crime operations spreading across the country each year, physical security management must keep up and carefully address the risks involved. An in-depth threat-risk assessment offers a thorough assessment of all security risks compared to taking steps in […]

Parking Enforcement in Toronto: Here’s what you should know

Parking Enforcement in Toronto

Transportation experts have become increasingly interested in parking enforcement in Toronto to improve the urban economic base via better access to various facilities. Whether you are a retail business or in the hospitality industry, you already know that the number one rule to your venture’s success is location. And what’s the number two rule? Well, […]

Security Agency near Me: 7 Tips to Find a Toronto Security Company you can Trust

Security Agency near Me

You have probably decided to hire a Toronto security company to ensure the protection of your business premises, residential property, or the safety of your guests during a special event. Now what? Searching for a “good security agency near me” on the internet will give you an endless list of security companies in Toronto. So, […]

Security Services in Toronto are more Important than Ever

Security Services in Toronto

Business and not-for-profit organizations are vulnerable to different kinds of risks, including technological, financial, social, natural, and more. Though some types of these security threats are cannot be prevented and can only be insured against to minimize the resultant damage, there are security threats that can be successfully mitigated through security services in Toronto. Contracting […]

Special Event Security Tips: 5 Best Practices to Minimize Risk

Special Event Security

As a special or event host, it is your job to perform a security risk assessment and ensure safety for your attendees or guests. But special event security is often the last factor most event organizers consider, which means private event security gets a smaller portion of the entire event budget than needed. The reality […]

Private Investigations in Toronto: 5 Myths vs. Reality

Private Investigations in Toronto

When you hear the words’ private detective,’ ‘P.I,’ ‘private eye,’ or ‘private investigations in Toronto, your head is bound to begin spinning of fantastical ideas. Perhaps you think of Sherlock Holmes with a magnifying glass, a hat, and a tobacco pipe? How about Thomas Magnum with his cool gun, car, and outstanding mustache? Or Scooby […]

7 Qualities of Good Security Guard Companies in Toronto

Close Protection Security

If you have researched security guard companies in Toronto lately, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of security service providers available. There are countless options to choose from, but service quality can vary widely. If you intend to add security for your commercial or residential property, be sure to choose the right security […]

Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Security Services

Mobile Security Services

The first line of defense for your property or business should be mobile security services. But this is a security discipline that is not well-understood by many people. Perhaps you are thinking about a trained security guard walking the grounds or riding around a shopping mall in a golf cart. There is more to mobile […]

Neighbourhood Watch Toronto – Keeping your Community Safe


Your home is a sanctuary, a place to feel safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, robberies, petty thefts, and other forms of crime can lessen the sense of neighbourhood safety and heighten the feelings of fear and vulnerability. Neighbourhood watch Toronto and other similar programs are the least costly way to minimize neighbourhood crime. Neighbourhood watch programs […]