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The coronavirus pandemic has put a spotlight on the technology of thermal imaging as a necessary tool in combating the epidemic. We have launched a number of fever-screening solutions, including our thermal camera to detect the temperature of people entering retail units, hospitals, churches, public spaces, among other buildings.

Detecting Human Temperature

Our thermal cameras can detect human temperature, and alert monitoring teams in case a person is identified with a fever. These solutions are meant to support a wide range of industries that are preparing for when the present restrictions are eased as well as those on the frontline in the fight against coronavirus.

The thermal cameras can be located at site entrances to enable a large number of people to be scanned at a go. This could be in a building where many employees are entering at the same time, for instance, employees coming to work in a huge office block, or during shift changes. We’ve also come up with a process guide alongside our fever-screening solutions to manage those with high body temperatures, depending on the situation.

For example, a potential coronavirus sufferer can be taken to a safe area for further checks before determining whether access to the site will be denied or granted. Such guidelines and fever-screening solutions will allow companies to safeguard their clients and employees by reducing the risk of spreading infections.

How Thermal Cameras Work

The cameras can detect a fever by comparing someone’s body heat with that of the surroundings. Unlike close-range thermometers, this technology is much faster.

Implementing daily temperature checks in your operations is an extra preventative measure to support the safety and health of your customers as well as employees. Thermal cameras are a contactless alternative compared to forehead thermometers, thus offering a more streamlined experience in your premises.

Our high-resolution cameras have an accuracy of about 0.5°F. Once the software interprets an above-average temperature, which is one of the potential symptoms of coronavirus infection, we recommend additional screening using NCIT for accuracy.

Improved Safety Measures

Although the forehead temperature technology has contributed immensely in the fight against COVID-19, the continuing lockdown and rising cases of infections mean that safer measures are required.

One downside of thermometers is that they have to be pointed to people’s foreheads, which requires those doing so to be really close. Besides, using forehead thermometers means you’re not practicing social distancing. And with testing lagging and no potential vaccine anywhere in sight, screening using thermal cameras is one of the few best options available.

Helping in the Fight Against COVID-19

At Thermal Scan Camera, our solutions are aimed at mitigating the spread of the virus. Businesses are embracing this technology for a good reason— they benefit by identifying persons possibly infected with COVID-19 sooner rather than later. It’s reported that an individual with coronavirus infects about 2.5 people in less than five days.

Our thermal camera solutions help in reducing infection rates by detecting possible cases of COVID-19, therefore, keeping the coronavirus cases at a capacity manageable by the health care system. Give us a call today on 1-866-669-3669 to find a solution that works for your business or setting.

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