The Mobile Security Services Toronto Division is an intensely trained team. Members have worked in most if not all of our operational departments such as the Security Division, Private Investigation Division, and/or Parking Enforcement Division. On a daily basis, this department conducts services such as Alarm Response, Mobile Patrols, Response to High Risk Residential Areas, and Distress Response.

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The members filling positions in our Mobile Department are skilled and prepared for any situation that may arise.

Our Mobile Guard Patrol will patrol the entire property in a visibly marked patrol vehicle, physically checking building access doors, emergency exits and patrolling outside/inside parking areas and site perimeter deterring and preventing illegal activity and enforcing the trespass to property act. Spot-check reports are written, detaining times, activities and outcome of patrols. A copy of these spot-check reports can be left on site or emailed for your review and documentation every day.