3 Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Security Guard Company

Are you a property manager or business owner? Security is a primary focus priority, and finding a security guard company that is competent and committed to addressing your security needs is important. You want your clients and employees to work in a safe environment. Security guard services are in plentiful supply, but you need security professionals who can successfully evaluate your security needs and address them. It helps if you consider these points when hiring a good security guard company.

1. Reputation and experience

As you look for a security guard company, focus on first-rate security solutions. Remember, security services for commercial property and residential property differ. Your neighborhood watch security program uses its resources for security services. Such security programs aim to protect your local community against vandalism and other crimes. Helpful as these can be, they are run by groups of volunteers, not security professionals.

But you instead need a security guard company with licensed security guards.

Security guard companies must be licensed security businesses with an accredited training program. Uniformed guards may look good on your premises. But you need licensed security guards. Therefore, it helps to research the company’s services scope and experience. 

Open channels of direct communication with those in charge. Ask the right questions about their security goals. Is public safety a priority? Does management play an active role in their range of security solutions? Do the security services cater to clients with similar needs to yours? Do they offer exceptional customer service? Do they meet a wide range of requirements? Also, if you’re a site owner what are their parking enforcement ticketing policies?     

Check the security group customer reviews, and ask the locals questions. A security guard group is recognized for exceptional security services. If the security company offers private investigator services, security audit services, and other related services, find out if they are licensed to do so. 

2. Technological aspects

Security Guard Company

A security guard company with cutting-edge technology will meet your security solutions. So, it makes sense to identify your needs, then look for a security guard company that can meet those needs. What is the company’s policy on security alarm installations? Is CCTV part of their approach to workplace safety? What is the company’s response to crime and the protocols involved?

The company’s range of solutions could cover mobile security to online security guards, and everything else in-between. 

Can their professional security services work in conjunction with your technical personnel, and make your workplace safer? What are their emergency response procedure and other measures to respond to crime? 

Is mobile security guard an option? If so, do the security guards use vehicles equipped with up-to-date technology elements on their mobile patrols? Do they have suitable equipment to communicate with their security guards on the ground? Do they have knowledge of using parking enforcement meter equipment? Finally, are they trained to perform CPR?

3. Cost of security services

Most security companies cater to all commercial, residential, and private security services. Services range from a private security alarm installer to professional security companies offering a 365-day security response service. 

Many Canadian security companies employ licensed security workers with an emphasis on customer-centric focus.

Are you interested in environmental protection? Or do you need a mobile patrol service or one licensed security guard? Do you require a 24-hour protection service? Is an extra uniformed security guard available upon request? If so, at what cost? What type of plan can best meet your needs?

Excellent customer service combined with an emphasis on workplace safety is essential for licensed security businesses. Check if their range of services allows for security incidents that involve the expertise of a private investigator. Sometimes client care is specific to client locations. Security incidents require specific security goals which demand advanced security training. 

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